The ultimate spray booth

The combination of the waterfall and the behind filter significantly reduces dust, improving the finish of the painted product and reducing the risk of dust pollution.

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not typical AT all

Compared to traditional spray booth, our waterfall spray booth can provide you with a healthier spraying environment.

3-fan system

Gaahleri Waterfall Spray Booth features a 3-fan system withtwice the suction power of other models, and adjustable airflow for optimal performance. The airflow can even be adjusted or turned off separately, making the machine run more quietly with a noise level of only 53 decibels at maximum power.

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10L water tank system

The Gaahleri waterfall spray booth sports a 10L water tank with an includedwater pump that’s able to pump up to 15L of water per minute. The water tank is also designed to have 4 leveling mechanism to keep you spray booth perfectly leveled.

additional features

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power management

The LED lights, the exhaust fan and the water pump is connected to a central power system, leaving only 1 power plug to power the entire waterfall spray booth.

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built in LED LIGHTS

The Spray Booth is equipped with 3 built-in LED lights for illuminateing the workspace, providing a brighte and clear view of the painting area even in the dark environment.

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larger working space

The waterfall spray booth offers a spacious and well-lit working area, with inner dimensions of 23.6” (L) x 9.4” (W) x 14.2” (H).

AF-720 Waterfall spray booth

Waterfall Spray Booth