the only one you need

Featuring a dual air outlet system and an attached 1L air tank, providing a wider range of applications and a more stable airflow.


auto start stop 1l tank

The compressor is features an automatic start/stop function with an activation pressure of 43 PSI and a stop pressure of 57 PSI and a 1L air tank providing a wider range of applications and a more stable airflow.

independent dual outlets

The dual air outlet system operates individually. Giving you the option to share your compressor with another user or for you to run 2 different airbrushes without swapping.


more quiet than usual

The compressor makes significant less noise under normal use. Leaving you with less distractions and annoyance.
Noise level: < 44db

additional features

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anti slip

Equipped with rubberized feet to specifically reduce vibration and to improve stability.

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uniquely designed

Designed to take up less space and multifunctional. It includes a sturdy handle, holders, as well as a protective cover.

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dual airbrush holders

The compressor comes with airbrush holders to save space and efficiency.

amazon's review

Check out what’s being said about the GT-918 Air Compressor across the world. Testimonials shown below are from Amazon.

Julio Quintanilla

Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2023

This compressor is really quiet. I do lotta airbrushing at night so it’s not loud and so far the air pressure. It’s a constant flow. I never once had it dropped pressure on me which I was amazed by it But overall, I’m pretty satisfied and also inside the box, you get two airbrush holders that come included and 2 Moisture Filter And 2 air hose


Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2023

Relatively quiet and quick to fill. The tank isn't very large but the whole package is light and easy to move around. Having two separate air regulators makes running multiple brushes or having two preset psi levels a breeze. The air regulator pressure readings and controls are easy to access and read. I have been using this compressor more lately over my much more expensive sparmax and have been very happy with it.

robert addlesberger

Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2023

Great compressor , able to use 2 airbrushes at once. Yes it comes on more often but it's pretty quite so it's ok........another great product from Gaahleri.......


Dual Air Outlet System Air Compressor