the only one you need

Featuring a dual air outlet system and an attached 1L air tank, providing a wider range of applications and a more stable airflow.


auto start stop 1l tank

The compressor is features an automatic start/stop function with an activation pressure of 43 PSI and a stop pressure of 57 PSI and a 1L air tank providing a wider range of applications and a more stable airflow.

independent dual outlets

The dual air outlet system operates individually. Giving you the option to share your compressor with another user or for you to run 2 different airbrushes without swapping.


more quiet than usual

The compressor makes significant less noise under normal use. Leaving you with less distractions and annoyance.
Noise level: < 44db

additional features

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anti slip

Equipped with rubberized feet to specifically reduce vibration and to improve stability.

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uniquely designed

Designed to take up less space and multifunctional. It includes a sturdy handle, holders, as well as a protective cover.

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dual airbrush holders

The compressor comes with airbrush holders to save space and efficiency.


Dual Air Outlet System Air Compressor